Pro Bono


We are proud to teach Capoeira pro bono at a number of orphanages and foundations around our city. We are only limited in the number of classes we can open by finance- we can reach more through your donations and financial support. 
We believe that Capoeira, as a holistic art, can develop children's bodies, motor skills, reflexes, co-ordination, rhythm, musical ability, voices and confidence, all in a joyous atmosphere. 

We presently teach weekly Capoeira classes at: 




Bonita Home for Girls, Talamban, an orphanage run by the Franciscan nuns.




Community Scouts Youth Guidance Center, a refuge for minor offenders who, instead of being put in a regular jail where they are mixed with hardened criminals, are detained in a cell within the Center. Once released, they are invited to join the commune where they undergo a rehabilitation process, join the scouting activities, are provided education and taught basic vocational skills.

The boys can stay in the center until they have finished their schooling or vocational education. Many of its former wards have found employment in factories and government service. A few are working overseas. One of them is now a full-fledged policeman, having passed its admission test after finishing college education. He is now assigned as Disciplinarian for the Center.



Rise Above Foundation's Community Center/Library


Our children have been blessed by donations from big hearted individuals and businesses in Cebu, Australia & Japan. Thank you to all of you who have donated sets of uniforms to our orphans. 

Singapore School Cebu
Canberra Hockey Community
Canberra Capoeira Community 
ACCC Osaka 
ACCC Tokyo 
Casa Verde
Nature's Spring 
Maroda Enterprises
Countess Pension House
Paratravel Corporation
The Pump Dale
Solid Core Construction
Soli Glass
Team Mockingjay
Marylou Gonzales
Joy Ibarita
Madel Asotigue
Luanne Duterte
Christianne Ho
Lulette Ann Rivera
Tenielyn Lim Fernan